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Increased coyote sightings, attack send neighborhood into a scare

A spike in coyote sightings sends some folks in a Port St. Lucie neighborhood into a scare.

Neighbors, who are fearful, wonder what could happen next if these coyotes lose fear of humans.

"I feel it's a danger to the public," said Rene Cintron. "Cause you never know what the coyote is thinking. If they are hunger or could they attack you."

Frightened neighbors, like Cintron, say the coyote sightings are reported during the day, in broad daylight, which is unusual for these nocturnal animals. They say it's enough to cause a concern.

The most recent sighting captured a large brown coyote on camera near the intersection of Seamist Street and Pear Avenue in Port St. Lucie.

"I was surprised," said Cintron who lives just a few feet from where that coyote was photographed.

"I would freeze if I see a coyote approach me," he said.

Coyote sightings are nothing new. But it's the increase in reported incidents, including a recent attack of a cat in the neighborhood, that has Cintron on the edge.



Another neighbor tells CBS12 News, "I was leaving for work and one [coyote] ran down my street with a black cat in its mouth."

"If I feel it's a coyote, then I would panic because what can I do at that moment. I would be scared to death."

Florida wildlife officers say do not panic. They say coyotes are more fearful of you then you are of them. Instead, keep your distance and secure your pets.